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Manuscript Appraisal and Assessment. In   an   appraisal,   we   read   the   manuscript   and   assess   what   is   working   and   what   isn’t. We focus on: Readability. Character development and interaction. Plotting and identifying plot holes. Showing versus telling. Information dumps and excessive exposition. Continuity issues. Basic spelling and grammar. General awkwardness and areas lacking polish. We   do   not   edit   these   areas.   We   identify   the   problem,   explain   why   it   is   a   problem   and offer   suggestions   for   fixes   but   it   is   up   to   the   writer   to   examine   and   consider   our suggestions and advice and determine a path forward. Developmental Editing Developmental   editing   is   a   detailed,   comprehensive   examination   of   the   manuscript looking at: Pacing. Plot development. Character development. Consistency of timeline, character and plot. Fact checking. Logic issues. Story structure. Dialogue. With   developmental   editing,   I   am   looking   at   those   ‘things’   that   pull   the   reader   out   of the story or make the reader doubt the story. Line Editing or Copy Editing This is a comprehensive edit addressing: Syntax. Word selection. Sentence flow. Consistency. Style. Spelling. Grammar. Punctuation. Hyphens. Consistency of spelling and tense. Proofreading This   stage   of   the   process   checking   that   all   edits   have   been   completed   and   that   the manuscript    is    ready    for    printing.    Proofreading    is    sometimes    combined    with    line editing. Multiple Services or Multiple Books Writers   who   are   working   on   a   series   and   who   would   like   to   ensure   consistency   across the   series   by   booking   my   services   for   the   entire   series   will   receive   a   25%   discount   on the total. To   ensure   an   accurate   quote   for   editing,   the   first   2,000   words   or   first   chapter   will   be edited   and   returned   as   a   free   service.   That   way,   I   can   see   the   amount   of   work   that needs to be done, and you can see if you like my editing style.

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